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​Earn an FDA-RCA™ certification to reach professional development goals and gain an advantage in your career. 

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A certification program from FDA-RCA™ offers a perfect combination of quality instruction, relevant FDA regulatory/technical educational content and a level of commitment that works for the participants. The program features a series of integrated courses delivered on-site including workshops and exercise sessions.

The Certification Program is delivered by Rebeca Rodríguez,  Former FDA National Expert Investigator / FDA National Lead Instructor responsible for providing classroom and on-the-job training to FDA ORA Investigators and Analysts. FDA CDER personnel also received training as well as the Industry and regulatory bodies from foreign countries.

Ms. Rodríguez was an Instructor in FDA training courses  such as Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, Process Validation, Basic Drug School, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) Manufacturing, International Inspections, Pre-Approval Inspections, Industrial Sterilization, and Computer-Aided Inspections.

Ms. Rodríguez was an FDA Lead Instructor in one of the two main Drug Investigator Training Courses, DG 230. This 2-week course comprised Systematic Drug Inspection elements of drug manufacturing principles, Process Validation and inspectional/auditing techniques. 


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